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Raymond Ciborowski

The Eagle's Nest, 2012

What is most striking about the Urban Exploration photography of Raymond Ciborowski is his extraordinary talent to capture large scale spaces of abandonment and make them accessible to the viewer. Also, he has a remarkable ability to capture each of his photos from an ideal perspective. Although the photographs of Raymond Ciborowski cover a wide range of subject matter, some of the recurring elements include his ability to capture the incredible beauty of urban decay with a unique perspective, the scale of the spaces is dramatic, vanishing points abound and the contrast between light and dark lends an edgy feel.

A theme underlying all of the Urban Exploration photography by Raymond Ciborowski is that there are echoes of the past left behind when any building is abandoned. These long forgotten schools, hospitals, mental institutions, prisons, power plants, textile mills, factories, hotels and buildings were all filled with people before slipping into various states of decay. After viewing photos by Raymond Ciborowski, we are left to ponder the lives of those who lived, worked and played in these sites of abandonment.