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Emmanuel Lardinois

Evaporate, 2013

The mesmerizing Urban Exploration photography of Emmanuel Lardinois offers a glimpse into the skeletons of our past that surround us. Industrial decay and urban ruins are byproducts of every industrialized country. His photography captures these modern ruins providing us access to another world where life has stopped and silence reigns.

Urbex is the exploration of abandoned and off-limits urban locations. The subject matter of Emmanuel Lardinois includes abandoned amusement parks, asylums, cooling towers, factories, fallout shelters, grain elevators, hospitals, hotels, missile silos, parking structures, poor houses, power plants, sanatoriums, schools and warehouses. The inside of these structures are rarely seen by society even though they may lay within our midst. Emmanuel Lardinois emphasizes the elements of physical and emotional danger involved in capturing these photographs.

The unspoken rule of urban exploring is “Take only photographs, leave only footprints.” Viewing the photographs of Emmanuel Lardinois, we are left with the impression that he has a profound respect for the post apocalyptic structures he has discovered. The artist has developed a unique style of capturing the essence of these monumental architectural symbols by focusing on the interplay of light and dark, reflections and water, and abandonment and decay. The emptiness of many of these large structures is haunting and powerful. Emmanuel Lardinois’ photographs allow us to imagine the lives of those who lived, worked and played in these sites of abandonment.