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Brian Wehrung

Dog Eared, 2012

The mathematical mind behind his photographs is apparent for all to see. The highly technical training that Brian Wehrung received while studying engineering continues to influence his photographic style. As his photography has matured, it is clear that Brian Wehrung possesses a talent for identifying geometric abstraction in the architecture of urban settings. His architectural photographs emphasize the basic geometric forms from which many complex objects are created. The resulting photographs tend to be minimalistic in nature.

The bright colors, textures and forms of New Mexico’s architecture led to the development of his own unique style, which he calls Extractive Reductionism. According to Brian Wehrung, he defines Extractive Reductionism “as the process of extracting details from large complex objects in a way that reduces those objects to their basic constituent properties of color, line and shape. The deconstruction of these objects and the attendant removal of context creates images that are simultaneously abstract yet concrete.”

His talents as a photographer have blossomed while photographing diverse subject matter including airports, apartment buildings, casinos, colleges, hotels, industrial complexes, libraries, malls, municipal buildings, office buildings, schools, universities and vintage cars. What is most striking about the photography of Brian Wehrung is his extraordinary talent to capture geometric abstraction within the context of large-scale structures and make them accessible to the viewer. Also, he has a remarkable ability to capture each of his photos from an ideal perspective. Although the photographs of Brian Wehrung cover a wide range of subject matter, some of the recurring elements include his ability to capture the incredible beauty of the brightly colored block like buildings dotting the urban landscape of the American West and Southwest with a unique perspective, extracting details from large architectural structures and creating geometric abstraction puzzles to ponder.